Election Manifesto Launched

Working People need a Workers Party – manifesto puts Class back into politics

The Council elections on May 18th are set against a background of a decade of cuts to public services, economic hardship, precarious employment, the worst cost of living crisis in recent memory, thousands of workers forced into taking industrial action and, yet again, no Executive at Stormont.

We are lectured by Tory Ministers, right-wing think tanks and others on the need for even more cuts to services, further job losses and the need to impose charges for our water, pay for our prescriptions, charge for domiciliary care, withdraw free travel for the over-60s and hike up university tuition fees.

Targeted, penalised and punished

The old, the young, workers and the most vulnerable are once again targeted, penalised and punished while energy companies make obscene profits, the Stock Markets outperform themselves and the profits of multi-national corporations exceed even their own expectations.

And all the while the five largest parties here mouth platitudes, pledge their commitment to making things better, but do absolutely nothing. They point fingers in every direction but their own, they abdicate responsibility they pass the buck to Westminster, they blame Brexit – but they do absolutely nothing.

More than £600 billion in unpaid taxes and accounts in off shore tax havens is lost to the public purse.  The Trident submarine programme and its Dreadnought replacement will cost £40 billion.

Segregated Education

Much closer to home the cost of maintaining two separate, segregated education systems cost £226 million per year: something that is supported and sustained by both Sinn Fein and the DUP.

Yet, we are told we can’t afford universal Child Benefit, affordable and accessible childcare, a modern health service, decent pay for working people, quality public services and a university education for our young people.

These elections, like all elections, are about the type of society we live in the choices that are made, the priorities that are selected and how we value our elderly, our young people and the most vulnerable in our society

The Socialist Alternative

In council chambers, Parliament Buildings, the House of Commons or elsewhere, working people need a Workers Party to protect and advance their interests and to promote the message that socialism is the alternative. That is the business we are in. Those are the goals we have set ourselves.

Putting Class Back into Poliitcs: Workers Party Election Manifesto 2023

Candidates Quotes

Party candidates on the campaign trail this week have been addressing a range of issues from cuts to children’s services, health and care developments, poverty, the manipulation of young people, economic opportunities, public housing and industrial action.

Lily Kerr: Castle

Professor Taught a Lesson:The Ulster University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul Bartholomew, has been taken to task by Lily Kerr of the Workers Party for comments he made last week ahead of the visit by US President Joe Biden.


Patrick Crossan: Collin

‘Pat on the Back’ politics: Claims by Sinn Fein that their ‘council team has delivered’ for the Collin area, have been dismissed by the Workers Party’s Patrick Crossan in a stinging criticism of that party’s local record.


Tony Walls Court

Manipulating and Exploiting Young People:Efforts by community workers to disperse groups of young at Lanark Way and defuse recent tensions, have been welcomed by Tony Walls of the Workers Party.


Fiona McCarthy Oldpark

Short-sighted Cuts: Fiona McCarthy of the Workers Party has condemned yet further cuts to services for young children.


Ursula Meighan BlackMountain

Euros Opportunity:Ursula Meighan of the Workers Party has welcomed the news that Casement Park has been included in the joint bid to host the Euros in 2028.


Patrick Lynn Botanic

Markets Victory Welcomed: Patrick Lynn of the Workers Party has congratulated the Market Development Association on its hard won, long fought for victory in securing the Stewart Street site for public housing


Nicola Grant Newry

Progress on New Centre – a major step forward: Progress on the Newry Community Treatment and Care Centre has been welcomed by Nicola Grant of the Workers Party.

Move Over … it’s time for real change!

We have all lived through difficult and challenging times in recent years.

The cost of living, rising energy prices and political turmoil: a lot has been changing, but not everything.

Our commitment to a better, fairer life for all has remained constant over the years. That is a view shared by many.

That is why the Workers Party is standing candidates in these council elections.

Now, more than ever, socialists like us need to take a stand on behalf of working people in defence of our health, education and other public services and to fight for jobs, fair wages, housing, a healthier environment and a much, much better quality of life.

If, together, we don’t make that stand then who will? 

Not Sinn Fein, Not the DUP nor indeed any of the major parties.                                            Only a party for working  people, a Workers Party, can deliver on those goals.

The Workers Party is standing seven candidates:

Belfast Collin: (Patrick Crossan ) Newry: (Nicola Grant) Belfast Castle: (Lily Kerr) Belfast Botanic: (Patrick Lynn) Belfast Oldpark: (Fiona McCarthy) Belfast Black Mountain (Ursula Meighan) Belfast Court (Tony Walls)

Q: Got a Question or Need Advice?Email: workerspartyelection@gmail.com

Biden Not Welcome Here

This week’s viist to Northern Ireland by US President Joe Biden is neither as significant nor as important as some people would have us believe – at least not for anyone here .

In fact, he will spend very little time in Northern Ireland – just one brief engagement.
The real purpose of his visit is to secure an Irish-American vote in US Presidential
elections and to glad hand a sycophantic Irish government and a fawning Irish media
in an attempt to draw the Irish state closer to US foreign policy and NATO.

The US, which Biden represents, is guilty of warmongering, exploitation and terror. It has at least three times as many overseas bases as all other countries combined and it has used these bases to launch wars and other combat operations against sovereign states. It also uses Shannon airport to further foreign intervention and war.

The US blockade against Cuba is the most enduring blockade in history and has cost the Cuban economy many billions of dollars. Every year the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passes a resolution condemning the blockade, all ignored by the US. 

Despite world opinion, the economic, commercial and financial blockade applied by the government of the United States against Cuba is being maintained and it continues to have profound repercussions on the Cuban economy.

The blockade is deliberately designed to limit Cuba’s right to follow its own development path.  Biden continues to tighten this cruel and criminal blockade and has outrageously refused to remove Cuba from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Biden continues support for the apartheid Israeli regime despite the fact that millions of people across the world are shocked and outraged at the brutal terror bombings, ethnic cleansing and communal violence being carried out by Israel against the Palestinian people. These crimes are committed using American armaments and funding.

The Biden administration approved the sale of $735 million worth of ‘smart’ bombs to Israel – the munitions which rained down on the population of Gaza. The United States has used its veto power many times to protect Israel from resolutions censuring its conduct in the United Nations Security Council.

For those, and a host of other reasons, BIden should not be made welcome here, or anywhere else.

Full statement here:



Party Announces Election Candidates: ‘Putting Class Back into Politics’

The Workers Party has announced its candidates for May’s Local Government Elections.

The Party will be standing in seven constituencies across Northern Ireland under the campaign slogan ‘Putting Class Back Into Politics’.

In a joint statement the candidates were highly critical of the records of the major parties and what they described as their contempt for working people, their families and the everyday problems that they face.

“The only things that the major parties have offered to working people are Flags, Culture Wars, Unemployment and Poverty”, they said.

“It’s time for them to Move Over! It’s time for real change.  It’s time to deliver on Health, Housing, Education, Childcare and all the other priorities in life. It‘s time we put Class back into politics”

“Only the Workers Party can promise that, and we are committed to helping people to realise their full potential and secure a better quality of life for working people and their families,” they said.

The Pary’s candidates are: Ursula Meighan (Belfast Black Mountain), Patrick Lynn (Belfast Botanic), Lily Kerr (Belfast Castle), Tony Walls (Belfast Court), Fiona McCarthy (Belfast Oldpark), Patrick Crossan (Belfast Colin) and Nicola Grant (Newry)

Register to Vote: Deadline 28 April


Apply for an electoral ID Card: Deadline 5 May


Apply for a Postal or Proxy Vote: 26 April at 5pm