Workers Party condemns Probation Board attack

Attacking workers and  public services

Attacking workers and public services

The Workers Party has condemned the latest bomb attack on the Probation Board offices in Derry and, by implication, on probation officers working there. The Party also criticised the attack, which endangered the homes and lives of local residents, as an attack on a public service to local communities. Lily Kerr, Westminster candidate for the Workers Party in South Belfast, said: “At a time when public sector workers are under attack from the Tory/Lib-Dem Coalition in Westminster and the five main parties at Stormont, the only contribution of the nationalist reactionaries is to attack a local community service and place the lives and jobs of workers in jeopardy.” “The Workers Party stands with the working people of Derry and the public sector workers affected by this attack. These actions represent an attack on workers, accentuate sectarian tensions and division, are repugnant to the concept of class politics and detract from the essential task of uniting workers in their common cause against austerity”, Lily concluded.

How the media is reporting the manifesto launch

Standing Against Austerity

Standing Against Austerity

Television coverage

BBC and UTV have been the first media to report the launch of the Party’s Westminster  Election manifesto – ‘Standing Against Austerity’

The print media are expected to cover the manifesto on Friday

BBC website coverage:

UTV Live – report and interview with Lily Kerr ( Belfast South) – starts at 15.30

Party launches Election Manifesto

Manifesto Cover

Standing Against Austerity

The Party’s s election manifesto ‘Standing Against Austerity’ identifies the role of the main parties at Stormont and plans to lower Corporation Tax as the two main drivers of the local  austerity agenda.

The manifesto says:

‘The most damaging cuts here have been engineered by the five Executive parties. Along with the business community, they have campaigned for a reduction in Corporation Tax: something which even the Tories did not propose.

To offset the cost of lowering Corporation Tax for big business, Sinn Fein, the DUP, SDLP, Alliance Party and Ulster Unionists, are taking 20,000 jobs out of the public sector and are significantly reducing public spending on education, public transport, the community and voluntary sector and the arts. They will make up the shortfall by selling off public assets like the Belfast Harbour Estate.

These are not Tory Cuts; they are the price the people of Northern Ireland are paying for lowering Corporation Tax’.


The Party also outlines its alternative to austerity calling for the scrapping of the Corporation Tax plans, re-investing the money it would have cost into a 20,000 new homes building project and the adoption of a socialist programme of publicly funded investment, development and growth.

The manifesto also address: health and social care, integrated education, housing, workers rights, women, rural development and the environment, sectarianism, racism and homophobia.

View the manifesto and the  accompanying media release by clicking the following links.

Workers Party Manifesto Westminster 2015

Media Release ‘Standing Against Auserity’ – Workers Party Manifesto 2015

Cuts and Corporation Tax

Party stand spelt out in Telegraph article

Party stand spelt out in Telegraph article

Standing Against Austerity

The Party’s opposition to austerity, the lowering of Corporation Tax and the cuts agenda being pursued by the Stormont Coalition has been spelt out in a Belfast Telegraph article by West Belfast candidate John Lowry.

‘The truth is that the most damaging cuts here are the direct responsibility of the five local parties which campaigned – along with the business community – for a reduction in corporation tax..’ 

Read the article at:

Party’s Election Broadcast

Standing Against Austerity

Standing Against Austerity

‘Standing Against Austerity – there is an alternative’

If you missed he Party’s Election Broadcast – or you just want to see it again! – the following link will take you to the BBC iPlayer.

Copy this to friends at home and abroad who may not have had a chance  to  view it.


Party’s election broadcast: ‘There is an Alternative’

'Before you vote...'

‘Before you vote…’

The Party’s Election Broadcast’s is being transmitted today on local radio and television.

The first airing was on Radio Ulster and Radio Foyle just before 9am.

The televised version will go out this evening ay 1755 on BBC2, at 1825 on UTV and finally at 1855 on BBC 1.

Click here to listen to the audio broadcast:

Party welcomes USPCA initiatve against ‘Puppy Farms’

Support for USPCA

Support for USPCA’s camapign

The Party’s candidate in South Belfast, Lily Kerr, has welcomed the USPCA’s latest campaign highlighting the cruelty and suffering of animals bred in so called puppy and kitten farms and has urged the public to support the Society’s efforts to end this outrageous practice where animal health and welfare is compromised in the pursuit of profit.

Read full statement: Puppy Farming

Racism must be confronted

We don't need tribal chiefs.

We must stamp out racism

Workers Party candidate in North Belfast, Gemma Weir has called for support for the local Polish community and a public commitment to stamp out racism in the constituency. Ms Weir’s call comes after a number of racist attacks in the north Belfast area over recent days. “I also calling on people to publicly support the Honorary Polish Consul Mr Jerome Mullen and the efforts he is making to focus agencies and political opinion on these hates crimes” said Gemma “There is a longer term problem to address here, and I am currently working with others on a number of anti- racism initiatives. However, the immediate impact of these attacks can be addressed by providing the PSNI with the information they need to secure arrests and conviction”, Gemma said. “Withholding information about racist attacks tells those involved that the community is prepared to let them get away with it. We must all clearly demonstrate that that is not the case”, she said. “There must be no room for racists and no room for racism”, Gemma concluded

Party to stand Five Candidates

Standing Up To Austerity

Standing Up To Austerity

The Workers Party will be standing five candidates in the Westminster Elections on May 7th.

The Party’s candidates are:

Hugh Scullion Mid Ulster: Damien Harte Upper Bann

Lily Kerr Belfast South: John Lowry Belfast West: Gemma Weir Belfast North.

In a joint statement the five candidates said,

“This election is an opportunity to stand up against austerity, cuts and reduced public services. The Sinn Fein / DUP Coalition at Stormont is making ordinary people suffer while banks, financiers and big business get bail outs, hand-outs and a massive reduction in taxes.

Between them they are implementing Tory economic policy in Northern Ireland – but there is an alternative.

Only the Workers Party will stand for working people and for socialism against austerity, exploitation, private and corporate greed, racism, sectarianism and the interests of big business”.