Party Conference

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Delegates at the Party’s annual conference

The Party held its 2017 Annual Delegate Conference in Dublin this weekend.

The conference theme ”Building a Socialist Future’  provided the backdrop for discussion debate and policy decisions on the economy, housing , education, transport, health and social care, reproductive rights, violence against women,  the absence of devolved government in  Northern Ireland and international resolutions on Palestine and Catalonia.

The conference also marked two historic events celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia in 1917 and the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) in 1967.

Several Party members from South Derry and Belfast who participated in the association’s initial meetings and marches gave personal and political insights into the  events, the times and the outcomes.

Party President Michael Donnelly closed the conference with a call on the Party and Party members to ‘proudly stand as the vanguard force in the struggle against capitalism and the fight for justice, jobs and equality… and to work towards establishing a new world that banishes poverty and unemployment.. refusing to be either silenced or censured in that struggle’.

Conference elected the following members to the Party’s incoming Central Executive Committee:

Joe Dowds, Sean Garland, Ultan Gillen Gerry Grainger, John Jefferies, Lily Kerr, Adam McCarthy, Mickey McCorry,  Seamus McDonagh, Richard O’Hara, Hilary Rock-Gormley, Eilis Ryan  and Gemma Weir

The four reserve members elected were Justin O Hagan, Gavin Mendel-Gleason, Hugh Scullion and Ted Tynan.





100th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

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The October Revolution: ‘one of the greatest events in human history’

A Workers Party delegation, led by International Secretary Gerry Grainger, has attended and addressed the 19th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties this weekend in Russia marking the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917.

Addressing the international audience Gerry Grainger described the Russian revolution as:

‘ one of the greatest events in human history, an occasion of historic global significance which changed forever the power relations between exploiters and exploited and made real the vision of a new socialist society. 

The object of the October Revolution was to abolish all forms of exploitation and oppression and to construct a new society based on socialist ideas.  The Revolution inspired the workers and oppressed of the world and offered real prospects for change and invested the workers’ movement with a revolutionary consciousness and objective, educating, organising and mobilising the mass of the working people in the task of building a new society.

The October Revolution transformed the world. It constituted a decisive break with the old world order, abolished private ownership of the means of production and laid the basis for the political, social and economic liberation of humankind.

See the Workers Party address to the XIX International meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in full at:

Workers Party Contribution to 19th IMCWP St Petersburg, Russia, 2-3 November 2017

‘Unite to face down racism’

York Road

The Rahman family leaving their York Road  home

“Hate crimes and racist attacks are not what defines north Belfast and we must ensure that they never do”, Workers Party representative Gemma Weir said in response to last night’s attack on a family in the York Road area.

“There must be no room for racism in our community and  no ‘if’s and buts’ about just how abhorrent and vile these type of attacks are”,she said.

“The only response worthy of the entire north Belfast community is an unequivocal and public condemnation of all forms of racism and hate crimes, full and unqualified support for those affected and a united resolve to face down racists and racism”, Gemma said.

“Anyone with any information, no matter how small, about this or other attacks, should contact the PSNI or use the Crime Stoppers number to pass  that information on “,she concluded.

Photo Credit: Matt Mackey