Avoiding Tax an Olympic Event?

Gold Medals in tax avoidance

To help the UK get the bid to host the Games, London’s Olympic organisers passed tax-avoidance legislation. And corporations and big-name athletes lobbied hard to make sure winnings and profits wouldn’t be taxed.

Read more and sign the petition organised by the online campaign group 38 Degrees.

 Click the link to their site: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/

Also read the Independent’s Simon Birch on Olympic Tax avoidance


Supporting ‘The Right to Choose’

Supporting ‘The Right to Choose’

A woman’s right to choose

Party members have been to the forefront of a protest outside Belfast City Hall in support of the campaign for a woman’s right  to choose .

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK to which the 1967 Abortion Act does not apply. Campaigns over many years have still not secured this basic human right for local women.

Belfast city centre was also the venue for Youth Defence ‘s annual parade  in opposition to a woman’s right to choose.

Read more about the Right to Choose at;


Introducing The Workers Party


A new leaflet introducing the Workers Party, explaining what we stand for and outlining some key policy areas , is now available.

The leaflet spells out the Party’s political position and gives a snapshot of  the Party’s view on a number of key policy issues including the Economy, Health , Education, Sectarianism, the Environment, Cuts to public services and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Click on the link to read the leaflet now.  Introduction to The Workers Party

Links and Articles

Click on the following links to some interesting articles on  reforms to the National Health Service and an assessment of the current political situation in Greece.

Dr Gabriel Scally ( a former Party member) says, ‘There’s a very deliberate policy across all of the public sector to roll back the achievements that have been made in this country since the second world war.’


Also read the Greek Communist Party (KKE) view after two recent elections