Focus must be on Gaza

Our focus must be on Gaza – not on senseless sectarianism

Gaza, not Galloway, is the issue

Speaking ahead of George Galloway’s appearance at the Ulster Hall, Workers Party General Secretary John Lowry has said.

‘Only in Northern Ireland could an international humanitarian crisis like Gaza be kicked about like a political football’

If ever the futility of sectarianism was in doubt then the nationalist / unionist bickering over George Galloway’s presence in Belfast highlights its senselessness’, he said

Read the full statement here: Focus on Gaza

The Importance of Pride

Workers Party - proudly supporting Pride

Workers Party – proudly supporting Pride

Torrential rain couldn’t dampen the sprits of the thousands of people who turned out to take part in and support Belfast Pride 2014.

The now customary colourful, relaxed and eclectic parade has become a civic fixture despite Belfast being a city which had much left to do to fully demonstrate its LGBT credentials.

There were over 250 homophobic attacks in Northern Ireland last year but Equality Commission research suggests that over 80% of  crimes against the LGBT community go unreported.

PRIDE is an important event not just because it is critical to publically support people whose sexuality makes them the subject of discrimination, abuse and attacks but because it is also an opportunity to demonstrate the type of inclusive society we wish to live in.