Time to criminalise sectarianism

47 ‘Peace Walls’ in Belfast alone


Legislation and summit on sectarianism call

“Sectarianism should be made a criminal offence in Northern Ireland and a ‘Summit on Sectarianism’ held here involving all political parties, social, cultural and sporting organisations, the churches and representatives of the voluntary sector,” Workers Party spokesperson John Lowry has said.

The very public and positive steps to tackle sectarianism, being taken by the Scottish Assembly, should serve as an example to our own Assembly and to everyone living in Northern Ireland”, he said.

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Thank You

Workers Party Candidates: Paddy Lynn (South Belfast), John Lavery(North Belfast), Kevin McNally (East Belfast) and John Lowry (West Belfast)

Thank you to everyone who voted for the Workers Party .

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way with the election campaign, who canvassed on behalf of the Party, who distributed leaflets, who put up posters and to everyone who made sure that the Party’s  ‘socialist, secular and anti-sectarian’ message was central to the election debate.

Whatever the result of the count over the next few days you have helped to  stake out a political space in Northern Ireland that is neither catholic nor protestant, nationalist nor unionist and challenges the culture of cuts to public services and the cosy sectarian consensus which exists in the Executive.

Whatever the outcome we still have the responsibility and the obligation to make that case and to overcome the tribal, sectarian and right wing agendas which dominate Northern Ireland politics.

That we will do.

Thank you for your continuing support.

John Lavery               Paddy Lynn            Kevin McNally           John Lowry

North Belfast           South Belfast        East Belfast            West Belfast

Polling Day: Why voting Workers Party makes a difference

Because it will make a difference


What ever else you do today make time to vote            Workers Party 

The Assembly might be working for Sinn Fein and the DUP –  but it’s not delivering for the rest of us. 

There is no sign of the type of society and the quality of life we voted for and have a have a right to expect.  


  • Unemployment is the highest it’s been for over thirteen years.
  • Wages in Northern Ireland are the lowest in the United Kingdom.
  • Fewer young people graduate from university here than in England Scotland or Wales.
  • We have the highest number of young people leaving school with no academic qualifications, and
  • on top of that we pay more for petrol, diesel, home heating oil and gas than anywhere else.

And in the face of this what is the Executive’s priority? Reducing Corporation Tax so that big businesses can pay even less tax while the rest of us take the cuts.

Add to that the fact that sectarianism remains deeply rooted in this society and that Northern Ireland is as divided as it’s ever been.

It’s time for a principled left alternative at Stormont that is neither catholic nor protestant, nationalist nor unionist. With the Workers Party we can build that new political space.

That’s why your vote, your family, friends and neighbours votes are important today.

Because it will make a difference!

‘Put a socialist, secular and anti-sectarian voice in Stormont’

Workers Party Assembly Candidates: Paddy Lynn (South Belfast), John Lavery (North Belfast), Kevin McNally (East Belfast) and John Lowry (West Belfast)


The Workers Party has called on voters to put a socialist, secular and anti-sectarian voice in Stormont to stand against the cuts and the cosy sectarian consensus which exists in the Executive.

In a joint eve of poll statement the Party’s four candidates said:



“Of  the 108 current MLAs 104 belong to parties who are in the mandatory coalition. There are no alternative or opposing views and the Assembly as it exists lacks any opposition to the stale policies of the mainstream parties.

In the course of this election we found that there are many people in Northern Ireland who want a new and different type of politics, one that challenges segregation in society, provides opposition to cuts in public services and is neither unionist nor nationalist, catholic nor protestant.

To those voters who have expressed disinterest and apathy towards the Assembly but are angry and concerned for the future, we say you have the means to make a difference by voting for The Workers Party and likeminded parties and individuals in constituencies where the Workers Party is not standing a candidate.”

John Lavery               Paddy Lynn              Kevin McNally              John Lowry

North Belfast           South Belfast         East Belfast                West Belfast

‘Slugger O’Toole’ interviews the Workers Party


The ‘Slugger O’Toole’ blog site features the Workers Party in the latest of its pre-election interviews.

 “The Workers Party have a long tradition of involvement in political life in Northern Ireland. At all times we have sought to cross the sectarian divide, to particularly reach out to working class people, and to put on the political agenda a social and economic agenda because for long many a year social and economic issues were relegated to the bottom of political debate”. John Lowry

Read the full interview and see the video on:


Health and Social Care – vigilance needed says Party

Not for Profit!

Party addresses UNISON workers

Party General Secretary and Assembly candidate for West  Belfast,John Lowry, has told  a UNISON meeting  of  health service workers from across Northern Ireland that the Workers Party stands firmly against privatisation, profiteering and the agenda of right wing  politicians at Stormont and at Westminster

Threat                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “All those concerned with the future well being of Health  and Social Care Services in Northern ireland will  keep a watching eye on the proposals contained in the McKinsey Report”, he said.

“Although publicly rejected by the main parties at Stormont this report was commissioned at a cost of £320,000 and its proposals represent the greatest threat to a free NHS funded from taxation since its foundation. McKinsey is a US Global Management consultancy which has been embroiled in, amongst other things, the notorious Enron fraud”.

“Their proposals which include charging for visits to GPs and A&E departments bear an uncanny resemblance to the advice local right wing economists were publicly suggesting to the Executive as revenue raising measures ahead of our local budget “.

“We need a review of how our local Health and Personal Social Services can best deliver the services we need, but it cannot and must not be driven by those whose only concern is balance sheets and profit for private companies”, John concluded