LEXIT: the socialist case for voting ‘Leave’

Lexit Vote Leave

Lexit: The socialist case for voting Leave

The European Union is undemocratic and irreformable. On June 23 the Workers Party will be calling for a vote to Leave.

However, our position is not the same as the narrow right wing approach of the mainstream Brexit camapign. Ours is a principled socialist case for leaving the European Union. Our campaign is a  Left Vote to Leave – Lexit.

The European Union at present has 30 million unemployed and a similar number of under-employed. More than 127 million people are condemned to a life of poverty.

Two further examples demonstrate the EU’s reactionary and anti-working class agenda.

The EU and its institutions imposed the harshest discipline on those  members  states that sought debt relief in the wake of the 2008 capitalist crisis forcing an unrelenting austerity agenda on the working people and poor of Europe.

Recently we  witnessed closed borders and the inhumane treatment of thousands of refugees fleeing the effects of foreign intervention in their countries. Any pretence of a caring European Union has been exposed.

In the forthcoming  referendum, the US government, NATO, the multinational corporations, the banks and financial institutions, the IMF and World Bank, the rich and the powerful and the European bureaucracy are urging us to remain within the European Union. They do so because that is in their interests.

The Workers Party urges workers to vote in the interests of their class. For a principled, socialist Lexit – Vote Leave on 23 June

Public Meeting: The Workers Party will be holding a public meeting in support of the Lexit Campaign in the coming weeks. Details to follow

Read the Workers Party statement in full: 

LEXIT – the socialist case for voting Leave

Opposition must now oppose


The potential to normalise politics

The Workers Party has welcomed the formation of an initial opposition by the Ulster Unionist and the SDLP but has warned that it must urgently pursue a radical agenda to differentiate it from the DUP / Sinn Fein Coalition.

The formation of an opposition at Stormont has the potential to normalise politics in Northern Ireland.

However,  it will be meaningless unless it challenges the DUP and Sinn Fein’s position on the major democratic, social, economic and political issues which are holding back progress in Northern Ireland and which are consigning us to be an 19th century society.

At a minimum the new opposition should immediately demonstrate its intentions by setting out a programme of legislation designed to address

The introduction of a Bill of Rights                             

An integrated, secular education system

Legislation to secure a woman’s right to choose

A programme for universal childcare               

A public housing programme

Civil Marriage Equality

The reinstatement of the Civic Forum

An end to fracking

The removal of the Blood Ban on gay men

Lowering the voting age to 16


‘No to murder, attempted murder and maiming’


‘There will never be justification for gun law, criminality and murder’ – Gemma Weir

The Workers Party in Belfast has  organised a public protest meeting against recent murders and maimings  in the city.

The meeting was prompted by the  murder of Dan Murray just several hundred yards away from the site of the meeting, but also reflected the  growing public anger and resilience in the face of eleven serious armed attacks across Belfast in the past six months in which four people were murdered and several others, including a seventeen year old boy, seriously wounded.

Chairing the  protest Conor Campbell said, “It is important that the community publicly displays its resilience in the face of these attacks and demonstrates its refusal to accept the rule of armed gangs across the city’

Party representatives Gemma Weir and Joanne Lowry also addressed the meeting

Gemma Weir (North Belfast) said , ‘ I am here tonight to tell you – there is no justification whatsoever for murder on our streets. There was no justification in the past, there is no justification now. There will never be justification for gun law, criminality and murder.

This cannot go on. We cannot allow it to continue. Right across Belfast we have to respond as a community. We all have to stand up and say No to murder, No to attempted Murder and No to maiming’.

Joanne Lowry ( West Belfast) challenged those responsible and those who support them to explain themselves.

‘We can’t bring back the people they have murdered. We can’t un-shoot the people they have shot. Be we sure as hell can stand up to them and make sure that that they have murdered their last victim and crippled their last teenager’, she said.

West Belfast was blighted by these type of attacks for almost thirty years. Yet eighteen years after the Good Friday Agreement we not only have murder on our streets but we have the remains of a culture which supports and justifies it.’, Joanne added

‘It’s not just the gunmen and the thugs that we need to confront. There are also people who support them. They have to be held to account too. I am challenging them to explain themselves and their actions to this is community’,  Joanne concluded

The meeting was also addressed by SDLP and Sinn Fein MLAs

Anyone with information about the murder of Dan Murray, or any of the other recent shootings, get in touch with the PSNI directly at Grosvenor Road PSNI Station or by using the Crimestoppers number 0800 555 111


‘Change to sentencing guidelines in cases of animal cruelty’


Protesters outside the Royal Courts of Justice  in Belfast yesterday

Party members have attended the demonstration organised by the ‘Northern Ireland Says No to Animal Cruelty‘ group demanding that sentencing guidelines be changed so that tougher penalties are imposed on those convicted of animal cruelty offences.

The Workers Party opposes the cruelty and suffering of animals bred in so called puppy and kitten farms and is calling for an end to this outrageous practice.

We also support tighter regulation and registration of breeding establishments, rigorous enforcement procedures and tougher sentences for those who abuse and neglect animals.

We also condemn the barbaric practices of “badger baiting” and hunting with dogs, the commercial mass production of animals in a manner which causes suffering and the abuse of animals by large commercial companies which put profits before animal welfare.

The Party supports the promotion of the “Five Freedoms” adopted by the World Organisation for Animal Health and national societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Your vote can and will make a difference


This election is about the failure and the refusal of the Executive Parties, in particular, to bring forward and implement the political, social and economic legislation to allow progress, stability and an improved quality of life for all.

This election is an opportunity to pass judgement on the record of those parties which have been running the Assembly and the Executive for the past five years.

It is an opportunity to confront and condemn their joint programme of reductions in public services, continuing austerity measures and cuts to social welfare under the guise of welfare reform.

The election will also be an opportunity to vote against the introduction of water charges, the run-down of health and social care services, tax breaks for big businesses, the sell-off of public assets, the planned rise in university tuition fees, continued discrimination  against women, the refusal to legislate for same sex marriage, the ongoing damage to the environment and the continuance of the  Executive’s self-serving agenda – all of which are certain to be features of the new Assembly if the same old parties are returned to power.

On May 5th The Workers Party will be offering  an alternative to austerity, cuts, regressive social policy and inequality.

Your vote can and will make a difference.

Message of support from Greek Communist Party (KKE)

The Communist Party of Greece has sent a strong message of support to the Workers Party, expressing its solidarity with and full support to the Workers Party of Ireland (WPI) regarding the assembly elections in Northern Ireland …” The KKE noted that the Workers Party was exposing the plans of those political forces serving the interests of big business and stated that the Workers Party was the force standing against the anti-people political line supported by the parties of bourgeois management, the DUP, UUP, Sinn Fein, the SDLP etc. 

 The KKE stated that the coalition government in Northern Ireland has faithfully implemented the anti-people political line of the British government and the EU which attacks the rights and the income of workers and which promotes privatization. The KKE noted particularly that Sinn Fein, a party like SYRIZA, i.e. new style social-democracy, has also demonstrated its form as regards the implementation of these policies which are against the interests of the people.

 The KKE highlighted the Workers Party’s opposition to this political direction and to the strategy of capital, exposing the true character of the EU which is destroying labour and social security rights, keeping salaries and pensions at low levels and which transforms healthcare into a commodity. It emphasizes the WP’s resistance to attempts to divide the working class and to expose the real enemy, capitalism, the monopolies and their power.

 The full statement of the KKE can be read on the main Workers Party  website.  http://workersparty.ie/