Party Announces Election Candidates: ‘Putting Class Back into Politics’

The Workers Party has announced its candidates for May’s Local Government Elections.

The Party will be standing in seven constituencies across Northern Ireland under the campaign slogan ‘Putting Class Back Into Politics’.

In a joint statement the candidates were highly critical of the records of the major parties and what they described as their contempt for working people, their families and the everyday problems that they face.

“The only things that the major parties have offered to working people are Flags, Culture Wars, Unemployment and Poverty”, they said.

“It’s time for them to Move Over! It’s time for real change.  It’s time to deliver on Health, Housing, Education, Childcare and all the other priorities in life. It‘s time we put Class back into politics”

“Only the Workers Party can promise that, and we are committed to helping people to realise their full potential and secure a better quality of life for working people and their families,” they said.

The Pary’s candidates are: Ursula Meighan (Belfast Black Mountain), Patrick Lynn (Belfast Botanic), Lily Kerr (Belfast Castle), Tony Walls (Belfast Court), Fiona McCarthy (Belfast Oldpark), Patrick Crossan (Belfast Colin) and Nicola Grant (Newry)

Register to Vote: Deadline 28 April

Apply for an electoral ID Card: Deadline 5 May

Apply for a Postal or Proxy Vote: 26 April at 5pm