Austerity agenda – ‘crime against people’

There is an alternative to austerity

There is an alternative to austerity

The Party’s candidate in the Upper Bann constituency, Damien Harte, has described the continued programme of austerity as a “crime against the people”, which will drive working class communities further into poverty.

The Sinn Fein / DUP Coalition at Stormont are implementing Tory cuts reducing public services and eroding workers rights. These policies are nothing but an attack on working class people, the five Stormont parties who have signed up to implementing austerity should be utterly ashamed”.  

No to Corporation Tax Reduction  

“Plans to reduce corporation tax should be halted immediately”, Damien said. “In September 1,100 fewer university places will be available in Northern Ireland. What kind of jobs are these companies going to bring that don’t need an educated work force? We should be investing in young people: educating them to a high standard and equipping them for secure and well-paid jobs.

“Cutting corporation tax, as an all-purpose solution to our problem is the lie that has been told so often it is mistaken for truth.  We have had enough of their austerity. As we have seen elsewhere in Europe, people are waking up to the fact that their future is still very much in their own hands, there is an alternative!”, Damien concluded.