Proud to be part of Pride

Pride 2011

Proud to be part of Pride

The Workers Party was “proud to be part of Pride” at Saturday’s Belfast Pride – Ireland’s largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans festival.

“It is important that we send out a message that prejudice and intolerance have no place in the new society envisaged by The Good Friday Agreement.

Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go in realising that goal. We are well aware of the persistence of sectarianism in Northern Ireland but equally objectionable is the rise of homophobic and anti gay and lesbian attitudes including increasing violent attacks.The Workers Party support  and our participation in the Belfast Pride event is an important act of solidarity with all those who are subject to  prejudice and intolerance and is a clear signal about the type of inclusive and tolerant society we want to build”

Pride in Pictures

‘No commitment to an integrated society’

Ni Chuilin: 'immature and pettty'

The Workers Party is asking Sports Minister Caral Ni Chuilin whether or not she understands the basics of the ‘Shared  Future’ policy, promoted by her party and the DUP and whether she intends to continue discharging her responsibilities in such a petty and immature manner.

The condemnation comes from the Party’s east Belfast representative Kevin McNally in the wake of the Minister’s announcement that she will attend the Northern Ireland v Faroe Islands European group stage match at Windsor Park, but only after the the national anthems have  been played.

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Corporation Tax Chaos

Finance Minister Sammy Wilson

“Plans to reduce Corporation Tax in Northern Ireland have clearly not been thought through”, the Workers Party says.

The criticism came as Finance Minister Sammy Wilson announced that the cost of introducing this measure has now been revised upwards to £400m per annum.

“The fiasco that now surrounds this proposal is a vindication of the Workers Party position from the outset”, said Party spokesperson John Lowry.

“This demonstrates that this fundamentally flawed proposal has not even been thought through by those who support it”, he said

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