May Day Greetings!

Workers Party at the May Day march: socialist, secular, anti-sectarian

NEW: May Day Parade video –

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May Day marks the international celebration of the social, economic and political  achievements of working peoplethroughout the world.

The Belfast May Day march and celebration left Writers Square at 12.30 proceeding along Royal Avenue, around the City Hall and back to Donegall Street via High Street.

The Workers Party participatied as usual and this year the Party contingent featured the drums of the ‘Beyond Skin’ anti-sectarian and anti racist project.


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Assembly Manifesto

WP Manifesto A New Politics

Summary Manifesto

 WP Manifesto Summary

Party Election Broadcast 

Party Candidates                              Leaflets
That Poster!

Election questionnaires

The Party has responded to a number of election questionnaires from a range  of trade unions, agencies and volunatry organisations including Age NI, Parkinson’s UK, NIPSA  and NI Council for Integrated Education.

Click the links below to read the Party’s responses:


NIPSA Election Questionnaire

Parkinson’s UK


Assembly Manifesto launched

A New Politics for Northern Ireland

The Party has launched its Assembly Election manifesto.

The manifesto calls for a ‘new politics for Northern Ireland’ to challenge the current stale and sectarian system.


 It’s time for a principled left alternative at Stormont that is neither catholic nor protestant, nationalist nor unionist. With the Workers Party we can build that new political space.

To read the full manifesto click on the link below

WP Manifesto A New Politics

or for a summary version click here

WP Manifesto Summary

What people are saying


What people are saying today:

 Janet says: “The elections are a sectarian cattle-market where the majority of the parties are flag-wavers or wrap the flag around me types but the Workers Party stands head and shoulders above them all (along with a few notable exceptions!) in leading the only way forward out of this sectarian cess-pit. They have my and my families vote”!

Spit the Dog “Great stuff! No nonsense politics going straight to the real issues. Someone had to say the emperor(s) has no clothes. I hope everyone who sees this (election broadcast) votes for you”.

Very best of luck to you all,sick of the dead end politics of the sectarian headcount. Liam Ahern ,Clonakilty ,West Cork.

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There is no need for cuts!

Vote Against the Stormont Cuts!


The Stormont Executive has cut £4billion from public spending and frontline services.
Jobs continue to be lost in both the public and the private sectors. Yet there is no need for cuts. They are not an economic necessity, they are a political decision.

– £123 billion is lost to the public purse each year through tax avoidance and unpaid taxes.
– Scrapping the Trident nuclear weapons programme would save £4 billion this year alone.
– If we can’t afford universal Child Benefit, a modern health service and university education then we can’t afford to wage war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

What people are saying

Comments flooding in!


Comments have been coming in in response to the Party Election broadcast as well as to posts on the website.

Here’s a selection of what people are saying:




Party Broadcast

“well said! it is time we moved away from sectarian factions in n.ireland”

Excellent content and delivery, well done John.”
Workers Party North Antrim

“What a breath of fresh air! Thank goodness someone is challenging the ‘we’ve never had it so good’ nonsense being peddled by Sinn Fein and the DUP.

Probably the best election broadcast there’s been. Well done the WP!”
John Gardiner


Integrated Education

Go on Kev!!!!!!!
we are all behind you!!!


100% behind you Kevin. Integrated education is the way forward.

Party Posters
Saw a couple of your posters on the Newtownards Road this evening – very striking and sadly very relevant. Well done!

John Gardiner

Yes, very impressive.

Politics Show
Very good show John!
Chris Bailie

Keep the flag flying,all the best from Finglas/Ballymun branch Workers Party
Noel Cullen

Well done John, great interview. Peter McGuire

Best wishes to all candidates in the election. It is a hard struggle building non sectarian, class politics in Northern Ireland.
Tom Crilly
Regional Chairperson,

…and finally

From the BBC’s Mark Devenport’s log

Talking of posters… I’m campaigning for an indepedent lady in East Belfast and thought we had the poster war won. Now that I’ve figured out the Workers Party poster I have to concede we’ve probably come second!

UTV Interview

UTV Live interview

The Party will feature, briefly, in an election discussion on Thursday’s UTV Live at 6pm.

The leaders of the four main Assembly parties will have the lion’s share of the coverage  with brief pre-recorded interviews with spokespersons from a number of smaller parties.

John Lowry will be interviewed on behalf of the Party.