Anti-Sectarian Summit

Anti-Sectarian Summit

Anti-Sectarian Summit

Anti-Sectarian Summit

Tackling sectarianism is an uphill struggle. But that hasn’t deterred members of the Workers Party who walked to the top of Cavehill this weekend in their ‘Step out against Sectarianism’ campaign.

More than fifty party members from throughout Belfast took part in the event which came at the end of Community Relations Week.

There are now more ‘peace’ walls, barriers and gates in Belfast than there were when the Good Friday Agreement was signed and the city is probably more segregated than ever.

This week the Workers Party launched its Citizenship Charter Against Sectarianism – a five point plan designed to tackle sectarian divisions through

  • Secular, democratic government
  • Integrated Education
  • Integrated Housing
  • Bringing down the walls , and
  • An ‘Anti-Sectarian, anti-racist and anti discriminatory’ Pledge

See: Citizenship not tribal division

‘We need bold and imaginative initiatives to transform our society’

Sectarianism Poster croppedA new society based on the principles of active and involved citizenship, not tribal divisions, is the only way forward for Northern Ireland.

Commenting on the publication of the Sinn Fein and the DUP’s  strategy –“Together: Building a United Community” –  the Party said,

“The litmus test for any proposal on the future of Northern Ireland society is whether it seeks to eradicate sectarianism and replace it with one community actively committed to its own development – or whether it hijacks vocabulary and language to mask the fact that all it is proposing is the fine tuning of a divided society.

“Small change is the enemy of big change. We need bold and imaginative initiatives to transform our society. Unfortunately, this strategy does not provide them.

The Workers Party is calling for the adoption of a Five Point Citizenship Charter to tackle sectarianism based on:

  • Secular, democratic government
  • Integrated Education
  • Integrated Housing
  • Bringing down the walls , and
  • An ‘Anti-Sectarian, anti-racist and anti discriminatory’ Pledge

Read the Party’s statement and details of the Citizens Charter in full here: 

Citizenship – not tribal division  and  Anti-sectarian Citizenship Charter

Teacher Training… there’s an elephant in the room!

Segregation -the elephant in the room

Segregation -the elephant in the room

The Workers Party has welcomed the findings of the study into the provision of teacher training in Northern Ireland,  but says the elephant in the room remains the fact that teacher training here is segregated on religious lines.

We look forward to what we hope will be a mature and calm discussion as to how best to maximise the integration of teacher training in order to secure not only the best educational outcome but one that
also contributes to the building of a new and different NI based on integration as opposed to division.

Read the Party’s statement in full: Elephant in the Room

‘Step Out Against Sectarianism’

Step Out Against SectarianismIn the week that the Party plans to  publish its proposals for a ‘Citizens Charter to Tackle Sectarianism’ we are also acknowledging the role that Party members have played in the fight against sectarianism and bigotry during the past six decades.

Step Out Against Sectarianism’ is a sponsored walk to the top of Cave Hill – the iconic Belfast landmark closely associated with Wolfe Tone, the United Irishmen of 1798 and “…the unity of catholic, protestant and dissenter”.

This event will help to highlight the Party’s  anti-sectarian campaign and our call for the demolition of all the “peace” lines and barriers that divide our society.


  • The walk starts in the car park of Belfast Castle at 12 noon on Sunday 26th May 2013.
  • The total walk is about six miles and should take roughly two and a half hours.
  • Wear suitable clothes and footwear. It’s Belfast – it might rain!
  • You don’t have to hand in a sponsor form – but it would help.
  • Sponsored participants will receive a free Step Out Against Sectarianism’  T-Shirt
  • Bring friends and family – make sure you’re in the photograph to be taken on the summit!
  • Download a sponsorship form here: Sponsorship Form

Real politics real messages


Real politics, real messages

May Day 2013

‘We all deserve a Better Deal’

While most political parties were busy arguing over flags, emblems and anthems, The Workers Party was marching in the annual May Day Parade through Belfast demanding a better deal on jobs, housing, health, education and all the other issues that effect working people’s lives.

The Party’s participation in the ICTU organised parade has become a noticeable feature, especially in recent years. This year Party members, friends and supporters formed a large contingent carrying placards calling for an end to sectarianism, integrated education, jobs for all and highlighting levels of child poverty in Northern Ireland.

Unionism and nationalism have failed

With  jobs being lost, prices rising, homes being re-possessed, child poverty increasing and thousands of people across the city facing a daily ‘eat or heat’ dilemma, the Workers  Party was also asking ‘What is the Assembly doing?

Unionism and nationalism have failed working class people and the new political order at Stormont is clearly out of touch with their needs. We need institutional reform to end the two all class alliances of unionism and nationalism and clear the way for real politics, real progress and a better deal for all. The answers won’t be found in anthems, flags and emblems.

May Day Parade photographs: