Anti-sectarian vote the best response

Kevin McNally:

Kevin McNally:

The Workers Party in East Belfast has described the petrol bomb attack on the local Alliance Party Offices as

“an assault on the east Belfast community, an act of blatant intimidation and terror and the actions of people who have nothing to say and no positive contribution to make”.

Party spokesperson Kevin McNally said, ” Fortunately no one has been hurt in this latest assault but the intent is there for all to see. In a few weeks time the people of East Belfast have the opportunity to speak out collectively against these type of fascist attacks.

The local priorities are building a united community, jobs, health, education and housing. Petrol bombers will not deliver on that agenda. The best and most constructive response to people who seek death and division is an overwhelming vote for anti-sectarian parties and anti-sectarian politics”, he said

Integrated Education : ‘We need an Independent Commission’

Weir & Bailie on Integrated Education

Weir & Bailie on Integrated Education

Workers Party representatives in North Belfast Gemma Weir and Chris Bailie say the time is right for an Independent Commission on integrated education.

Their comments come after the publication of a newspaper poll of young people in which over 80% of respondents said that integrated education was important for the future.

“The poll results are in stark contrast to the position of most of the main political parties and to our segregated education system”, they said.


Assembly out of touch

‘The very high percentage of young people who recognise the importance of integrated education and the findings of another recent survey which found that 83% of parents believe integrated education is a vital part of creating a shared future in Northern Ireland, shows just how out of touch the Executive and the Assembly are on this issue”, Gemma and Chris said.

‘The main political parties here are failing to give the people of Northern Ireland what they overwhelmingly want. At the moment fewer than seven per cent of our children are educated in the integrated sector’

‘Clearly this is an area which the main parties at Stormont do not wish to address. An Independent Commission should now be tasked with the responsibility of mapping out an Integrated Education Strategy’, concluded Gemma and Chris

Racism is wrong – and so is McNarry

No 'ifs' no 'buts' - racism is wrong

No ‘ifs’ no ‘buts’ – racism is wrong

“There can be absolutely no justification, no ifs and no buts: racism is wrong,” Kevin McNally, Workers Party local government candidate in East Belfast has said.

“The posters which have appeared in the east Belfast area are racist and they are dangerous. It is important that they, and the people who produced them, are condemned without reservation and that anyone who does seek to justify them is confronted and denounced”, Kevin said.

“David McNarry and his contemptible attempts at justification are a case in point. Racism, racist comments and racist posters can never be justified. Mr McNarry is a disgrace”, he said.

“Every candidate standing for election next month should publically declare their opposition to racism ahead of polling day”, Mr McNally said. “I have signed up to the Workers Party Anti-Racist Charter and I would encourage others to do likewise.

“I will be sending David McNarry a copy to sign and giving him the chance to redeem himself. In the meantime he should withdraw his remarks and state publically and unambiguously that racism is wrong and that it has no place in our society”, Mr McNally concluded

Belfast’s radical tradition acknowledged

Kevin McNally & Paddy Lynn crossing the Sam Thompson Bridge

Candidates Paddy Lynn & Kevin McNally crossing the Sam Thompson Bridge

On what was a rare occasion in Belfast, a part of the city’s great radical tradition was recognised and celebrated with the opening of the Sam Thompson Bridge in East Belfast.

Thompson was a trade unionist, a playwright and a member of the Northern Ireland Labour Party. He was a life long campaigner against sectarianism and is probably best remembered for his 1960s play ‘Over the Bridge’.

Belfast’s radical tradition and those who contribute to it are too often ignored or marginalised. The opening of a bridge named after Sam Thompson is a welcome departure from that.

Amongst the many thousands marking the occasion were Party representatives and local government candidates Kevin McNally (Titanic Ward, East Belfast) and Paddy Lynn ( Central Ward, South Belfast).

The Sam Thompson Bridge is part of the £35 million Greenway linear park project in the east of the city and links Victoria Park with the Titanic Quarter.