Election Manifesto Launched

Working People need a Workers Party – manifesto puts Class back into politics

The Council elections on May 18th are set against a background of a decade of cuts to public services, economic hardship, precarious employment, the worst cost of living crisis in recent memory, thousands of workers forced into taking industrial action and, yet again, no Executive at Stormont.

We are lectured by Tory Ministers, right-wing think tanks and others on the need for even more cuts to services, further job losses and the need to impose charges for our water, pay for our prescriptions, charge for domiciliary care, withdraw free travel for the over-60s and hike up university tuition fees.

Targeted, penalised and punished

The old, the young, workers and the most vulnerable are once again targeted, penalised and punished while energy companies make obscene profits, the Stock Markets outperform themselves and the profits of multi-national corporations exceed even their own expectations.

And all the while the five largest parties here mouth platitudes, pledge their commitment to making things better, but do absolutely nothing. They point fingers in every direction but their own, they abdicate responsibility they pass the buck to Westminster, they blame Brexit – but they do absolutely nothing.

More than £600 billion in unpaid taxes and accounts in off shore tax havens is lost to the public purse.  The Trident submarine programme and its Dreadnought replacement will cost £40 billion.

Segregated Education

Much closer to home the cost of maintaining two separate, segregated education systems cost £226 million per year: something that is supported and sustained by both Sinn Fein and the DUP.

Yet, we are told we can’t afford universal Child Benefit, affordable and accessible childcare, a modern health service, decent pay for working people, quality public services and a university education for our young people.

These elections, like all elections, are about the type of society we live in the choices that are made, the priorities that are selected and how we value our elderly, our young people and the most vulnerable in our society

The Socialist Alternative

In council chambers, Parliament Buildings, the House of Commons or elsewhere, working people need a Workers Party to protect and advance their interests and to promote the message that socialism is the alternative. That is the business we are in. Those are the goals we have set ourselves.

Putting Class Back into Poliitcs: Workers Party Election Manifesto 2023

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