Candidates Quotes

Party candidates on the campaign trail this week have been addressing a range of issues from cuts to children’s services, health and care developments, poverty, the manipulation of young people, economic opportunities, public housing and industrial action.

Lily Kerr: Castle

Professor Taught a Lesson:The Ulster University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul Bartholomew, has been taken to task by Lily Kerr of the Workers Party for comments he made last week ahead of the visit by US President Joe Biden.


Patrick Crossan: Collin

‘Pat on the Back’ politics: Claims by Sinn Fein that their ‘council team has delivered’ for the Collin area, have been dismissed by the Workers Party’s Patrick Crossan in a stinging criticism of that party’s local record.


Tony Walls Court

Manipulating and Exploiting Young People:Efforts by community workers to disperse groups of young at Lanark Way and defuse recent tensions, have been welcomed by Tony Walls of the Workers Party.


Fiona McCarthy Oldpark

Short-sighted Cuts: Fiona McCarthy of the Workers Party has condemned yet further cuts to services for young children.


Ursula Meighan BlackMountain

Euros Opportunity:Ursula Meighan of the Workers Party has welcomed the news that Casement Park has been included in the joint bid to host the Euros in 2028.


Patrick Lynn Botanic

Markets Victory Welcomed: Patrick Lynn of the Workers Party has congratulated the Market Development Association on its hard won, long fought for victory in securing the Stewart Street site for public housing


Nicola Grant Newry

Progress on New Centre – a major step forward: Progress on the Newry Community Treatment and Care Centre has been welcomed by Nicola Grant of the Workers Party.

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