Racism must be confronted

We don't need tribal chiefs.

We must stamp out racism

Workers Party candidate in North Belfast, Gemma Weir has called for support for the local Polish community and a public commitment to stamp out racism in the constituency. Ms Weir’s call comes after a number of racist attacks in the north Belfast area over recent days. “I also calling on people to publicly support the Honorary Polish Consul Mr Jerome Mullen and the efforts he is making to focus agencies and political opinion on these hates crimes” said Gemma “There is a longer term problem to address here, and I am currently working with others on a number of anti- racism initiatives. However, the immediate impact of these attacks can be addressed by providing the PSNI with the information they need to secure arrests and conviction”, Gemma said. “Withholding information about racist attacks tells those involved that the community is prepared to let them get away with it. We must all clearly demonstrate that that is not the case”, she said. “There must be no room for racists and no room for racism”, Gemma concluded

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