Party to stand Five Candidates

Standing Up To Austerity

Standing Up To Austerity

The Workers Party will be standing five candidates in the Westminster Elections on May 7th.

The Party’s candidates are:

Hugh Scullion Mid Ulster: Damien Harte Upper Bann

Lily Kerr Belfast South: John Lowry Belfast West: Gemma Weir Belfast North.

In a joint statement the five candidates said,

“This election is an opportunity to stand up against austerity, cuts and reduced public services. The Sinn Fein / DUP Coalition at Stormont is making ordinary people suffer while banks, financiers and big business get bail outs, hand-outs and a massive reduction in taxes.

Between them they are implementing Tory economic policy in Northern Ireland – but there is an alternative.

Only the Workers Party will stand for working people and for socialism against austerity, exploitation, private and corporate greed, racism, sectarianism and the interests of big business”.

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