Workers Party condemns Probation Board attack

Attacking workers and  public services

Attacking workers and public services

The Workers Party has condemned the latest bomb attack on the Probation Board offices in Derry and, by implication, on probation officers working there. The Party also criticised the attack, which endangered the homes and lives of local residents, as an attack on a public service to local communities. Lily Kerr, Westminster candidate for the Workers Party in South Belfast, said: “At a time when public sector workers are under attack from the Tory/Lib-Dem Coalition in Westminster and the five main parties at Stormont, the only contribution of the nationalist reactionaries is to attack a local community service and place the lives and jobs of workers in jeopardy.” “The Workers Party stands with the working people of Derry and the public sector workers affected by this attack. These actions represent an attack on workers, accentuate sectarian tensions and division, are repugnant to the concept of class politics and detract from the essential task of uniting workers in their common cause against austerity”, Lily concluded.

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