Party Supporting Palestine

Belfast: 24 May 2021

Party members attended the rally in Custom’s House Square, Belfast on Saturday 24 May 2021 to demonstrate their support for the Palestinian people and their opposition to Israeli aggression and attacks on Gaza

Party members also took part in the US Peace Council’s on line forum to discuss recent events in Palestine and to chart an international response.

Crimes against humanity must stop

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza: a crime against the Palestinian people

With more than 130 killed in the past five days Workers Party President, Ted Tynan, has condemned the …ongoing murderous Israeli aggression against Gaza and police collusion with mobs attacking Arab homes in Israel”.

“The grossly disproportionate military force used by Israeli armed forces by air, land and sea, which has already killed 119 Palestinians in Gaza, including 27 children, is forcing Gaza residents to flee their homes and causing immense suffering to an area already afflicted by Israeli atrocities” Cllr Tynan said

” The current aggression is part of the sustained campaign to annex Palestinian territories of the West Bank and to continue the Israeli occupation on Palestinian territory”, he said.

“It is vital that we stand in solidarity with Palestine. Israel must be held accountable for its actions and on behalf of the the Workers Party I am calling for immediate action to stop these crimes against humanity, including the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassadors from London and Dublin”

There must be an immediate embargo on weapons and military technologies sold to and used by Israeli armed forces which facilitate these crimes against the Palestinian people.”, Cllr Tynan concluded

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Workers Party welcomes ICC war crimes decision

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The International Criminal Court, established by the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2018, has removed the last obstacles to an international investigation into war crimes committed in Occupied Palestine.

The Court has ruled that its jurisdiction extends to the territories occupied by Israel since 1967, namely Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem – a decision wecomed by the Workers Party.

The United Nations has repeatedly documented violations of human rights in the Occupied territories which remain under effective siege, in violation of international and humanitarian law. Palestinian civilians, including children, are deliberately targeted for attack

Currently, Israel is excluding the five million Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank from its coronavirus vaccincation programe, while vaccinating its own citizens living in the illegal settlements in those areas.

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