Racism is wrong – and so is McNarry

No 'ifs' no 'buts' - racism is wrong

No ‘ifs’ no ‘buts’ – racism is wrong

“There can be absolutely no justification, no ifs and no buts: racism is wrong,” Kevin McNally, Workers Party local government candidate in East Belfast has said.

“The posters which have appeared in the east Belfast area are racist and they are dangerous. It is important that they, and the people who produced them, are condemned without reservation and that anyone who does seek to justify them is confronted and denounced”, Kevin said.

“David McNarry and his contemptible attempts at justification are a case in point. Racism, racist comments and racist posters can never be justified. Mr McNarry is a disgrace”, he said.

“Every candidate standing for election next month should publically declare their opposition to racism ahead of polling day”, Mr McNally said. “I have signed up to the Workers Party Anti-Racist Charter and I would encourage others to do likewise.

“I will be sending David McNarry a copy to sign and giving him the chance to redeem himself. In the meantime he should withdraw his remarks and state publically and unambiguously that racism is wrong and that it has no place in our society”, Mr McNally concluded

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