Local ‘Peace & Neutrality’ branch formed


PANA(NI) members at the inaugural meeting Belfast

The Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) which has been campaigning or more than 20 years in support of Irish neutrality, against war and the militarisation of the European Union has  established a Northern Ireland branch .

The inaugural meeting of PANA(NI) heard of the continuing expansion of NATO,  the threats posed by the European Union’s  involvement in international conflicts like Libya, Afghanistan Syria and Iraq and the impact of weapons sales by the United Kingdom.

Membership of PANA(NI) is open to all individuals who subscribe to its key principles and to organisations who wish to affiliate. See Pana website for details – link below.

The next meeting has been scheduled for Saturday March 3rd. For further details or inquiries contact: panasteeringcommittee@gmail.com

PANA : https://www.pana.ie/about.html





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