Weir condemns racist graffiti


Party member Paddy Wilson painting out fascist graffiti

Workers Party representative Gemma Weir has condemned the appearance of far-right graffiti around North Belfast.

Images and slogans of the group ‘Generation Identity’ have appeared across the area in recent times and points to a worrying increase of far-right activity.

Generation Identity is just a modern incarnation of the same fascist ideology that has always aimed to divide people along the lines of religion or race in the past”, Gemma said.

Opposed                                                 While the appearance of this graffiti gives cause for concern, I am sure that any attempt to create racist divides in North Belfast will be opposed by its residents”, she added

Generation Identity has made headlines recently when it was found that its members had taken part in ‘military-style training camps’ and was instrumental in crowdfunding a ship to stop refugees sailing the Mediterranean, a particularly inhumane activity considering the hundreds of people who have died making the dangerous journey.

Stand against                                                                                                             “In the past months, Belfast has stood against the abhorrent politics of Britain First. There is no doubt in my mind that they will stand against any attempt by this group to attack the immigrant communities who contribute so much and make our society a vibrant one.” Gemma said

“The Workers Party is completely opposed to dividing working people, be it by race or religion”

North Belfast needs more homes, decent work and better healthcare. This is what the people of North Belfast should fight for. It does not need the far-right attempting to fan the flames of division.” Gemma concluded.

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