Workers Party to contest Belfast North and West constituencies

Conor & GemmaThe  Workers Party has announced  that, in the forthcoming Westminster election, Conor Campbell will be its West Belfast candidate and that Gemma Weir will stand for the party in North Belfast .

Both were Workers Party candidates in the last Assembly election.
In a joint statement Gemma and Conor said
” We are not doing deals, forming pacts or taking part in sectarian headcounts. With the Workers Party, what you see is what you get – a Workers Party for working people”

This society is now more divided now than it was twenty years ago. 

There are more than 100,000 children living in poverty. Average wages are lower than ten years ago. We have the second highest level of workless households of all regions in the UK and at least 15,000 people in Northern Ireland are officially homeless.

There is a crisis in education, health and social care.  There are cutbacks to social welfare. Funding to culture, the arts and youth services have been very significantly reduced.

In every aspect of social, economic, cultural and community life working class people have been subjected to public expenditure cuts, marginalisation and exclusion.

 It is little wonder that the parties responsible want to divert attention by trading on tribal fears.

Working people and their families never benefit from division or nationalism of whatever colour. Working class people – employed, unemployed, young people and pensioners – need a Workers Party, committed to uniting workers to defend their own interests. This election is an opportunity to affirm that at the ballot box”, they said

If you would like to support the Workers Party camapign in any way please email us at

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