Sinn Fein’s sectarian headcount

Orange&Green vote

Every election is reduced to a sectarian headcount

Sinn Fein’s attempt to secure a nationalist pact in north Belfast has been criticised as “sectarianism in its crudest form”, by Workers Party candidate Gemma Weir.

“No matter how often they repeat it, this election is not about Brexit and it’s not about the border.   Sinn Fein view  every election as an opportunity for a sectarian headcount: nothing else matters to them”, she said.

“They did exactly the same thing in North Belfast two years ago. At the time they were forced to apologise for their naked sectarianism but obviously they have learnt nothing and care less”, Gemma added.

“Sinn Fein has nothing to offer. It has a new candidate  – but it’s the same old story. They attempt to be plausible but like a bad hair do their roots show through every time. To the very core they are a sectarian party and even they can’t hide that fact” she said. “Their mirror image – the DUP – have secured their own unspoken pact with the Ulster Unionists.”, Gemma added.

“North Belfast needs a Workers Party for working class people – employed unemployed, young people and pensioners – a party that confronts the real class nature  of our society and presents the radical socialist alternative”.  
“What a far cry that is from the charlatans and snake oil salesmen of Sinn Fein”, Gemma concluded.

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