Kerr condemns ‘ hysteria and threats’


Homecare Services – not for profit

Workers Party candidate in South Belfast Lily Kerr has criticised what she called ‘ the hysteria and threats’ emanating from the private care sector over the introduction of the living wage.

‘Living Wage’

‘The living wage is actuality nothing of the sort’,  she said. While it marks a small increase on its predecessor the minimum wage, it benefits the Chancellor of the Exchequer more than it does working people. As more people pass the tax threshold the government uses their additional contributions to plug the gap in its budget”, Lily said

“Every time there is the slightest initiative to improve the lives of working people we are told that jobs will be lost, businesses will close and that  the end of the  world is a little closer”

“So it proves with the private care sector. and it highlights their real motivation for providing this service: the pursuit of profit. Government should listen carefully to what they are saying and then take all home care services back into the public sector”, Lily concluded.


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