‘Food bank figures a scandal’ – Weir

Gemma Food Banks

Before you vote – reflect on this human misery and the MLAs from tnis consistuency who would give tax breaks to the rich before feeding starving children

Gemma Weir, Workers Party candidate in North Belfast has described as ‘an outrage and a scandal’ the stark increase in the number of local people depending on food banks to feed themselves and their families.

‘It is absolutely shocking that so many people find themselves dependent on charitable handouts for basic foodstuffs. In North Belfast during the past year over 1500 people needed emergency food parcels – nearly 800 of them were children’.

 This is what Austerity looks like                                                                              ‘It is also a terrible indictment of our local MLAs. This is happening on their watch. This is the outcome of their austerity measures and their sectarian one-upmanship with each other. While they consolidate their power bases children are starving in this constituency”, Gemma said

‘There are many reasons why people have to rely on food banks: unemployment, poverty and a zero hours employment culture all contribute to people turning to food banks to feed themselves and their families’.

 Not a priority for Local MLAs                                                                           ‘Before people go to the polls in a few weeks time they should reflect on these figures, on the human misery that they mask and on the political parties whose priority is to lower corporation tax and give tax breaks to the rich’, Gemma concluded.

One Minute on Food Banks


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