Abortion Services are a Health Issue to be defended and secured

The decision by the United States Supreme Court to nullify the constitutional right of women to access abortion services is alarming, dangerous and hypocritical.

In a country where it is perfectly legal for an 18-year-old to own and carry a gun it is now going to be illegal to provide a fundamental health service for pregnant women.

The Supreme Court decision is dangerous because it will signal the intensification by conservative and reactionary forces to roll back other progressive legislation like same sex marriage and even the right to access contraception and family planning services.

It is also potentially dangerous because it may be taken as a signal by anti- abortion groups here that they too can remove similar legislation from the statute books. That cannot be allowed to happen.

Women have the right to control their own bodies, including their fertility, and to pursue all reproductive choices.

Abortion services, family planning clinics and access to education and contraception are all health issues. They must be defended and secured.

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