Sinn Fein’s appalling record

Sinn Fein’s record of representation in West Belfast is nothing short of appalling and an affront to the people of west Belfast, local Workers Party representative Conor Duffy has said. .

“The story has been one of rising unemployment, an increasing reliance on benefits and food banks, escalating levels of poverty and low-income”, Conor said

This is how West Belfast has fared under three decades of Sinn Fein representation:

  • 43% of children in West Belfast are growing up in poverty
  • Local unemployment levels are running at almost 8%
  • Only 6% of Invest NI funding has come to West Belfast in the past three years
  • Nearly half of all local people over 16 are dependent of at least one form of benefit
  • A lower number of pupils from West Belfast, than elsewhere, go on to further education”

“Sinn Fein will say that West Belfast has suffered years of neglect and a lack of investment. What they avoid saying is that it’s happened on their watch”., Conor said

“It couldn’t be any clearer that working class people – employed, unemployed, young people and pensioners – need a Workers Party, committed to defending their interests”. he concluded.

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