Party protests over Irish government’s support for Trump’s puppet in Venezuela

Party members Marian Donnelly (Magherafelt) and Joe Dowds (Belfast) present a formal letter of protest and confront Tánaiste, Simon Covney, about the Irish Government’s formal backing for the United States’ aggression against the government and people’s of Venezuela

Several Party members attending a Northern Ireland Civil Rights 50th Anniversary lecture in Iveagh House, Dublin have taken the opportunity to protest against the Irish Government’s support for Juan Guiadó , Donald Trumps Venezuelan anti- democratic puppet.

The coalition government’s support for this act of United States interference in another country’s affairs and its attempt to depose the democratically elected President of Venezuala Nicolas Maduro represnts the first time that the Irish Government has given its formal backing to an act of United States overseas aggreession

Northern Ireland Party members Marian Donnelly and Joe Dowds handed a formal letter of protest to the Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tánaiste, Simon Covney TD spelling out the Workers Party’s  condemnation.

The Party is now awaiting the Tánaiste’s, a formal reply to the letter of protest

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