Call for park refurbishment

Damage in Newry’s Carlingford Park

Newry, Mourne and Down Council is being asked to intervene in support of residents of the Carlingford Park area of Newry who are struggling to cope with sustained anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

Workers Party representative Dan Gebski said, ” this is a problem that has been going on for a number of years now and it is getting progressively worse”

” Youths and teenagers regularly congregate in the area behind the houses in Carlingford Park, and area  that once provided a play park and a football pitch. Now it is the a night time gathering point  for young people  and a scene of vandalism and anti-social behaviour”. Dan said.

“I have spoken with residents in the area and a number are now reluctant to venture out at night. There have been a number of fires started in the area and broken bottles and other rubbish are common place”, he said.

“The long term solution, of course, is to provide constructive outlets for our local teenagers to allow then to express themselves without causing damage to the neighbourhood or placing residents in fear”, said Dan

“In the meantime, I am calling on the council to address the immediate problems by:

  • installing new lighting in the area, 
  • erecting improved fencing
  • securing the area after dark,and 
  • by bringing forward a refurbishment plan that will restore the park area to its original condition”, he said

“I am also calling on the young people who gather there to consider their neighbours and their neighbourhood, to support the redevelopment of the park area and to desist from any further damage or disruption,” Dan concluded.


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