Tackling Sectarianism

Anti sectarianism is the theme of the first wave of Workers Party posters which have gone up around Belfast in the last few days .

A pledge to tackle sectarianism and racisim is one of the Party’s Top 5 priorities in the new Assembly.

Sectarianism remains deeply rooted in our society and Northern Ireland is as divided as it’s ever been.

In Belfast alone we have at least 47 official peace lines and over 80 barriers. We educate our children separately and over 80% of us live in areas which are predominantly either catholic or protestant.

3 thoughts on “Tackling Sectarianism

  1. Saw a couple of your posters on the Newtownards Road this evening – very striking and sadly very relevant. Well done!

  2. The elections are a sectarian cattle-market where the majority of the parties are flag-wavers or wrap the flag around me types but the Workers Party stands head and shoulders above them all (along with a few notable exceptions!) in leading the only way forward out of this sectarian cess-pit. They have my and my families vote!

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