New Year Message: ‘Working People Desire a Society Free from Misery, Exploitation and Oppression’

In his New Year’s Statement Workers Party President, Cllr, Ted Tynan has highlighted exploitation, inequality and injustice, environmental degradation and imperialist war as the key global issues of the past year and the cost-of-living crisis the lack of secure affordable housing, timely access to appropriate healthcare, childcare and support for children with additional educational needs as the standout issues at home.

In both States we are plagued by poverty, a housing crisis and economies based on precarious, part-time employment, low wages, zero hours contracts and eroded workers’ rights, the Party President said.

On international issues, Cllr. Tynan re-iterated the Workers Party assertion that the working class of Ukraine and Russia are paying the price for the competition between imperialist blocs, and once again called for an end to the war.

He also spelt out our continuing opposition to the Israeli dispossession and disempowerment of the Palestinian people and to the brutality of the Iranian government.

He further pledged the Party’s continuing support for the immediate and unconditional lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States.

“Today, across the world, working people desire a society free from misery, exploitation and oppression – a society where the means of production is owned by the workers and the wealth of society is the common property of society as a whole”. he said.

Our socialist principles, our internationalism and our vision for the future, will guide and determine all of our positions in our daily struggles. We look to the future with confidence! Cllr Tynan concluded.

Party President’s New Year Message

In his New Year message for 2022, Workers Party President Cllr. Ted Tynan focuses on poverty, austerity, the threats posed by the privatisation of public services and utilities, the impact of the housing crisis, deepening sectarianism and the continued absence of a Bill of Rights.

“We live in difficult times”, he said, pointing to the “continuing effects of Covid-19, heightened by decades of austerity during which millions of workers have been exposed to risk in the pursuit of profit”

The ‘working poor’

Highlighting the ongoing effects of hardship and need, the Party President said “Hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland live in poverty and many of those are the so-called “working poor” unable to live and feed their families although in employment. Women, in particular, often have to work in low-paid precarious jobs.

 This is compounded, he said by “a significant decline in living standards, a situation set to deteriorate, as the cost of living continues to increase, wages continue to decline and social benefits come under attack”.


The capitalist class continues to pursue its relentless agenda of privatisation. Increasingly, important sectors of the economy: education, healthcare, energy, transport, communications and state infrastructure are targeted for transfer from state ownership to private control. The vitally important health and social care sectors are under-funded and under persistent attack”, he said.

Sectarianism and a Bill of Rights

Speaking specifically about Northern Ireland, Cllr Tynan said “…the demand for a dedicated Bill of Rights, despite decades of political work, has yet to be conceded. Sectarianism runs deep though public and private life in Northern Ireland. It is institutionalised in the apparatus of government. It can only be tackled by a comprehensive campaign against sectarianism on all fronts.

“The various nationalist forces, orange and green, are determined to press forward with their divisive agendas and are prepared to sacrifice the principle of workers’ unity and class struggle to serve their communal ends”. 

Climate change and international issues

Addressing the need for climate change he reiterated that this can only be achieved through a change in the economic, political systems.

Cllr Tynan singled out two international issues for special mention: the ongoing provocation and aggression against the Cuban people and the cruel siege and blockade of Gaza.

Class struggle

We recognise the continuing importance of the class struggle and a united working class … and the construction of a socialist world where the working class controls its own future”, the Party president concluded.

Full text of the New Year Message here:

Tynan turns off private taps

A resolution designed to halt the privatisation of water services has been adopted by Cork City Council. Proposed by Workers Party President Councillor Ted Tynan the motion urged the council to contact the three trade unions currently involved in discussions about transferring council staff to the new Irish Water body.

The motion was passed almost unanimously with only one councillor voting against.

Cllr Tynan said,” If these negotiations are successful, they will have a major negative impact on the ability of local authorities, such as Cork City Council, to continue to provide essential services to its citizens, and, most importantly, will lead to Irish Water becoming a private company, resulting in our water, waste water treatment, and sewage services falling into private ownership”.

The main political parties, North and South, are quite comfortable to turn public utilities into private companies. They have no qualms about a society where the relentless pursuit of profit takes priority and everything is measured by its retail value alone. Nor have they any difficulties acting as the broker in converting public ownership into private profit.

Party elects new President

Party President Cllr. Ted Tynan

Cllr Ted Tynan has been elected President of the Workers Party at a special on-line delegate conference held at the weekend.

More than two thirds of Party branches took part in the special conference called to elect a new Central Committee as well as a new Party President.
Councillor Tynan is a life long member of the Party and was first elected to Cork City Council in 2009.

Ted’s nomination  for the post of  Party President was endorsed unanimously by Party delegates from Dublin, Meath, Cork and from branches throughout Northern Ireland.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Tynan said,

“I am humbled by the strength and the depth of support I have received and extend my sincere thanks to all those Party members and branches for placing  their trust in me. I will not let them down”.

” These are particularly difficult times for working people and their families. In addition to the problems of the ongoing pandemic we are faced with major political, social and  economic assaults on the lives and livelihoods of working people throughout this country. As we have seen recently we are also faced with a rising tide of British and Irish nationalism and all the misery, false dawns and suffering that that inflicts”.

“It has never been more important than it is now to have a vibrant, confident and committed party of the working class. Developing and delivering that objective is the task we have set ourselves.  There will be setbacks and many will seek to divert and dilute our struggle, but we will succeed and we will transform this society. We will overcome the exploitation, profiteering and plundering by the capitalist system and build a socialist society run by and in the sole interests of the working class”.