Ballymurphy Inquests

The relatives’ campaign has been dignified and tenacious

The Workers Party has welcomed the findings of the Coroner’s inquest into the deaths of ten people in Ballymurphy almost 50 years ago and says it hopes that the families and friends of those killed can take some comfort from the fact that the circumstances surroundingĀ their loved ones deaths have now been publicly, and officially, acknowledged despite the appallingly long wait to have their names cleared.

The relatives of those who died have conducted their campaign with dignity and tenacity and today they have received the recognition and the outcome that they deserve.

The killings in Ballymurphy in 1971, and many, many more atrocities over the decades which followed, further underlines the rights of families of those killed during the ‘Troubles’ to  full judicial scrutiny of all legacy murders and other serious crimes committed during the ‘Troubles’

Legacy proposals unacceptable

More than three thousand people were murdered in Northern Ireland during the ‘Troubles’

The Workers Party has criticised recent reports that the Westminster government is considering a ban on future prosecutions relating to the ‘Troubles’.

“Attempts to bypass and forgo full judicial scrutiny of legacy murders and other serious crimes of the Troubles are designed to cover up and excuse the excesses of state and terrorist actions”, the Party said,

” Such proposals totally disregard the needs of victims, survivors and their families. Whatever process is finally adopted it cannot and must not provide an escape route for murder irrespective of those responsible.”