The Far Right, Immigration and Capitalism’s Crises

Across Europe right wing populist parties and openly fascist organisations, deploying extreme nationalist rhetoric, are on the rise.

This is no coincidence. It reflects the social discontent generated by the capitalist crisis. Cuts in public expenditure, a gross lack of public housing and the exploitation of workers through precarious employment, low pay and rising prices, provides the far-right merchants of hate with the opportunity to indulge in simplistic solutions which falsely point the finger of blame at immigrants, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities.

Some in disadvantaged and disenfranchised working-class communities are prey to the callous and misguided right which refuses to recognise that the problems faced by working people are caused by the social system, not by fellow workers from elsewhere. 

This crisis has been caused by capitalism, it has been aggravated by imperialist aggression, poverty and war which forces people to flee their homes. 

We have witnessed before the horrors of fascism. Fascism is a particular manifestation of monopoly capitalism under certain conditions.  It must be opposed at every opportunity.

Ted Tynan

Workers Party