Attacks must not deter progress

Attacks are the result of a culture of sectarianism, confrontation and provocation.

Attacks are the result of a culture of sectarianism, confrontation and provocation.

Workers Party representative Chris Bailie has condemned the recent attacks in the Ardoyne / Crumlin Road area of Belfast but has called for continued progress towards removing local  ‘peace’ walls.

‘The recent attacks on homes in the Crumlin Road area are sectarian hate crimes. They are horrific and they age wrong.’ he said

‘They are the result of a culture of sectarianism, confrontation and provocation which for some time now has been the sole agenda of a number of groups in north Belfast.

‘There are people throughout north Belfast who are opposed to progress and the removal of ‘peace’ walls because they need them to sustain difference and division in an attempt to justify their own existence’, Chris said.

‘The progress which has been made on the removal of barriers and gates must not be thwarted by random acts of terror by elitist paramilitaries’, Chris commented.

‘All agencies and groups in the area should meet to confirm progress towards the removal of the walls and present a united front against this type of terror and intimidation’ said Chris.

‘That is the only way forward’, he added

United community response needed

Lives at risk and communities disrupted

Lives at risk and communities disrupted

Workers Party representative in the Oldpark area, Chris Bailie, has called for a united community response to the discovery of yet another suspect device in the north Belfast area.

Commenting on the  security operation in the Oldpark Road area, Chris said,

“For the second time in less than a week lives have been put in danger, people evacuated and communities disrupted.

“There must be a united and unequivocal response from the entire community which rejects these type of violent acts and which clearly says that  the people who carry them out have no legitimacy, no contribution to make and no role to play in our society”

 “I urge anyone with any information to contact the PSNI”, Chris concluded

Assembly must act to safeguard jobs

Assembly must act to save jobs

TELETECH: Assembly must act to save jobs

Chris Bailie and Gemma Weir, Workers Party representatives in North Belfast have called on Invest NI and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment to act quickly to secure alternative employment for the 197 employees of Teletech currently facing redundancy.

“We need the same kind of intervention that was made to support the employees of KPL the  Dungiven based firm which collapsed in February”, Chris argued.

“The redundancies at Teletech take effect in just under two month’s time”, Gemma said “Invest NI and the Enterprise Department must act decisively to secure these jobs, retain the skills in the North Belfast area and demonstrate that the Assembly is capable of making positive interventions in the local economy”, she added.

“This cannot be allowed to become just another economic statistic. Government provides support for the banks and tax incentives for start-up companies, the same level of commitment must be shown to secure the jobs of the Teletech workers”, concluded Chris and Gemma