Excusing Domestic Violence: if you want to complain…

Last Thursday evening BBC presenter Fiona Bruce trivialised and excused an assault by Stanley Johnstone on his wife. He broke her nose and as a result she had to be treated in hospital.

During her ‘Question Time’ programme Ms Bruce explained away the domestic violence by saying “It did happen… but it was one off”.

Trivial or Excusable?

In Northern Ireland last year the number of reported incidents of domestic abuse passed the 33,000 mark. Between 2017 and 2021 thirty four women and girls were murdered in Northern Ireland

One in four women in the Republic of Ireland have been the victims of domestic abuse. Last year almost 30,000 incidents were recorded. In the past twenty-five years, 249 women have died violently in the Republic of Ireland. at the hands of their current or former partner.

These are the brutal realities that Fiona Bruce chooses to trivialise and excuse.


If you are appalled or outraged by her comments, you should consider making a formal complaint to the BBC.

You can register your complaint by clicking on, or copying, the following link


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