18 letters to Northern Ireland MPs

As speculation mounts that the Tory government is planning to introduce yet more restrictive anti-trade union legislation, including withdrawing the right of workers to take industrial action, it seems clear that an all-out assault on workers’ rights is in the offing.

In times of rampant income inequality, falling pay, precarious and exploitative working practices, job insecurity and continuing attacks on trade unions, it is all the more important that workers’ rights are protected.

The right to strike is a fundamental democratic right that must be protected and defended.

Workers only ever go on strike as an absolute last resort. Strikes happen where workers feel strongly that they are still being unfairly treated and not listened to – strongly enough to go without pay while on strike.

The Workers Party has written to each of Northern Ireland’s eighteen MPs, including Sinn Fein MPs who do not take their seats, asking them to declare whether they would vote against any anti-worker legislation if it comes before the Westminster Parliament.

Every major improvement in workers’ pay, conditions and safety has had to be secured through industrial action.

The 5-day week, equal pay, the minimum wage, increases in holiday entitlements, parental leave and improvements in health and safety at work have all been secured though organised labour and industrial action.

We will publish the responses and record any non-responses in the coming weeks.

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