‘Publish Health Plans Now’

The news that Daisy Hill Hospital is to provide regional elective surgery services has been welcomed by Workers Party spokesperson Nicola Grant, but she has also called for immediate clarification on the future of general surgery at the hospital.

“While today’s announcement, of a planned surgery hub, secures the future of Daisy Hill Hospital and hopefully attracts further regional specialities to the area there remains a very serious question mark over the future of general surgery services, suspended at the start if the year and ‘ temporarily ‘ transferred to Craigavon” Nicola said.

She also called on the Health Minister to publish the overall plan for the future of health and care services arguing that the drip feeding of information and announcements in installments is undermining public and staff confidence.

“Let’s see the full set of plans now”, Nicola said ” and allow the public and health and care staff to evaluate them in the round”.

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