Support and Solidarity

The current situation is almost without precedent. Industrial action is being forced on workers in local councils. the health service,  schools, universities and colleges and many companies in the private sector as inflation, the cost of living,  profit taking  and dividend payouts to shareholders leave thousands of families in poverty and debt.

For only the second time in their history, nursing staff in Northern Ireland are considering strike action in support of an above inflation pay rise and safer working conditions for them and their patients.

Next week will see industrial action being taken by three teachers unions across Northern Ireland. One of them, the National Education Union (NUE) has only taken to the picket line once before in its 130 year history.

Council staff have have been on strike, many of them for several weeks, in support of better pay and conditions. Other workers in other sectors look set to join them in the coming weeks.

Workers wages are not causing inflation, profiteering, bankers bonuses, shareholders dividends and capitalism are.

Home grown and Westminster Tories are quite prepared to face down workers, their just demands and their rights. We must be even more resolute in our support and solidarity for those taking or considering industrial action. 

We must ensure that it is working people, public services and jobs that win the day.

Picture: Workers Party members supporting striking council workers in Lisburn/Castlereagh

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