Jamboree Politics

Workers Party President Cllr Ted Tynan has re-iterated his earlier warnings about the ‘Ireland’s Future’ group and its rally in Dublin at the weekend.

“Nothing I have seen, heard or read has cast the ‘Ireland’s Future’ rally in a positive light”, he said.

“The mood music and the rhetoric of ‘historic destinies’ and a ‘new Ireland’ belie the character, track record and intentions of the key players.

This was the worst of Irish politics, not the best”, Cllr Tynan added.

“Dress it up with celebrity and add bells and whistles and the conclusion remains the same. Saturday’s event, and the motivation behind it, was little more than jamboree politics deliberately devoid of detail, heavy on nationalist rhetoric and meaningless for the lives of working people”.

“When the circus packs up its tent and reality returns, the unity of the working class and the fundamental transformation of our social, political and economic system must remain the absolute and non-negotiable prelude to the creation of a single unitary state”. Cllr Tynan concluded.

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