Secure Well-Paid Jobs the Answer to Poverty and Hunger

There are now over 60 formal Food Banks operating throughout Northern Ireland: more than twice the number of McDonald’s Restaurants.

They have become a lifeline for thousands of people many of them in employment, but unable to keep up with the cost of living on low hourly wages and part time and zero hours contracts.

In many areas of Northern Ireland between 8 and 9 % of people went hungry in the last month but were unable to afford or access food for themselves or their families.

As demand on the Food Banks increases, contributions are falling as the cost of fuel, energy prices and everyday essentials continue to rise.

Food banks are providing vital and, in many cases, life saving support.

But, the answer to hunger and poverty is not more food banks or even more donations. The answers lie in investment in public services, major reform of the benefits system, secure well-paid employment, access to flexible and affordable childcare.

Only a socialist society can guarantee and deliver on those priorities.

Locations of Food Banks across Northern Ireland:

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