Make changes tomorrow…Friday will be too late

In a joint eve of poll statement, Workers Party candidates in six constituencies have urged voters to focus on what is important to them, not what the main parties try to tell them is important.

“When we all wake up on Friday morning the issues that will be affecting our lives won’t be a Border Poll, the Protocol, Flags, Culture Wars or who the First Minister is.

It will be the Cost of Living, the Health Service, Housing, Education, Low Pay and the Environment.”, they said.

“What difference will it make to a family facing a daily dilemma of heat or eat, who the First Minster is?

What difference will it make to people living in chronic poverty, poor housing, or even no housing?

What difference will it make to young mothers desperately wanting to work but not being able to find or afford child care?”, they asked.

What difference will a Border Poll make – win, lose or draw –  to a young student unable to go to university, a teenager unable to secure an apprenticeship or a family with no heat and little food? Absolutely none”, they said

“Thursday is the day that change can be made. Friday will be too late. 

Only the Workers Party offers the socialist alternative to dysfunctional government, sectarianism and self interest and offers real hope for radical change in this society.”, they said 

The Workers Party is running candidates in six constituencies :

Belfast North          Lily Kerr

Belfast South          Patrick Lynn

Belfast East            Eoin Mac Neill

Belfast West           Patrick Crossan

Mid Ulster               Hugh Scullion

Newry & Armagh    Nicola Grant

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