May Day 2022

Ever since 1868, the 1st of May has been recognised and celebrated as International Workers Day. 

Never has it been more important to re-assert that declaration. Today working people’s quality of life is being eroded, their access to services is reduced, secure, well-paid employment is unavailable for many, employment rights are being torn up and pay and conditions are under attack.

Now, more than ever, working people need a Workers Party to represent them, defend them and help radically change the system which exploits them.

Yesterday, the Workers Party had the biggest representation of any political party at Belfast’s May Day parade. That was a statement of intent and a public commitment to the struggle for class politics.

There was no formal presence at the May Day parade from any of the ‘big five’ Executive parties. Less than a week before an election that will shape the lives of thousands of working people, pensioners and children they demonstrated that their priorities are not with the working class, with the trade union movement or with anything other than the sectarian carve up and the division of this society in their own interests. 

On Thursday May 5th, the ballot box gives working class people an opportunity to pass judgement on them and to vote for a socialist alternative.

2 thoughts on “May Day 2022

  1. A great event for Workers across Belfast to show their unity and solidarity with each other and with the millions of Workers across the world.

  2. Great show of Party unity this May Day 👏. Well done to all our comrades who took part and special thanks to our Dublin comrades for their participation and generosity.

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