When is the time? Now is the time!

Attempts to block a Bill progressing integrated education have been slammed by veteran trade unionist and Workers Party representative in north Belfast, Lily Kerr.

“While the bill being discussed will not deliver a fully integrated and secular education system here, it does at least mark some progress in that direction “, Lily said.

Her comments come in the wake of news that the DUP are considering the use of a Petition of Concern to block the Bill’s progress and suggestions by others that ‘now is not the right time” to be promoting integrated education.

Opinion poll after opinion poll has demonstrated overwhelming support, in excess of 80%,  for integrated education.

“When is the right time?” asked Lily “Now is the right time” she said

The Bill currently being discussed by the Assembly would lead to the promotion, reform and the expansion of integrated education. It would increase the number of integrated school places and set targets for the number of children being educated in integrated schools.

“Segregation of children has never been right, It is not right now”, Lily concluded

2 thoughts on “When is the time? Now is the time!

  1. Children are the future and must be educated together. In a generation, there would be no ‘them’ & ‘us’.
    Meanwhile, Queen’s University is considering segregated areas for Irish speakers. Sad. Is university not about broadening one’s outlook as well as furthering one’s education?

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