Supporting TESCO workers

TESCO doubled its profits in the first half of the year

The Workers Party supports the Tesco warehouse workers and HGV drivers who are set to stage a series of strikes in the coming weeks in a dispute over pay.

Unite, the Union representing these workers,says that over 1,000 workers at depots in Antrim, Belfast, Didcot and Doncaster plan action starting on December 16.

Unite said that Tesco had offered a 4 per cent pay rise, describing it as “well below” the current retail price index (RPI) inflation rate of 6 per cent. The current consumer prices index (CPI) is 4.2 per cent and the Union has described strike action as a last resort having exhausted all other options.

Tesco is a large and profitable company which doubled profits in the first half of the year. The company reported a 1.3% growth in sales to more than £12bn for the first quarter of 2021 and has predicted an operating profit of £2.6 billion for the current financial year.

Throughout the pandemic, millions of workers have been exposed to risk in the pursuit of profit. These workers and their trade union have asked for a fair pay offer. Tesco’s response is an insult to those workers who have demonstrated their commitment to maintain the supply of essential foodstuffs during the course of the pandemic. While Tesco profits, their workers are expected to pay the price. 

The Workers Party will always stand with workers and their just demands and our Party offers its full and total support to these workers in their fight for fair pay and the immediate satisfaction of the workers’ demands.

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