Standing with Cuba

Over this weekend Workers Party members and supporters will be expressing their support for Cuba and the Cuban people at a number of solidarity demonstrations in Northern Ireland and in the Republic.

For more than 60 years the United States has imposed an economic embargo against Cuba and the Cuban people and has tried, unsuccessfully, to overthrow .the Cuban government on dozens of occasions.

Each year, the United States government spends millions of dollars funding anti-Cuban projects and opposition groups .

In the past two months alone Joe Biden’s administration has allocated almost $7 million to twelve organisations for projects designed to destabilise and undermine the Cuban government.

These twelve groups alone are set to receive $18 million over the next three years. There is clear and growing evidence of misinformation, direct US funding and interference, and support from individuals and groups with a history of violence against Cuba. The European Union continues to encourage this interference

The main demonstration in Northern Ireland, organised by the Cuba Solidarity Forum and supported by Belfast Trades Council will take place on:

Monday 15 November at 5pm outside Belfast City Hall.

See the Workers Party statement in full:


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