Energy Costs: 5 Immediate steps

The Workers Party has reiterated its call for the Northern Ireland Executive to take 5 immediate steps to address the crisis caused by rising energy costs

The latest announcement of a 38% hike in gas prices comes on the back of higher oil, electric and petrol prices and the knock on effects to grocery shopping and the general cost of living.

any media reports and commentators talk of a ‘global crisis’ as if this was a natural phenomenon and beyond anyone’s control. It is not. Fuel poverty is a class issue.

The Workers Party proposals for 5 immediate mitigating steps are:

  1. Confirm an initial emergency fuel payment of £250 for every household
  2. Restore and secure the £20 Universal Credit uplift
  3. Initiate a comprehensive home insulation scheme
  4. Legislate for a Fuel Poverty Strategy to address current and future need
  5. Prioritise renewable energies over fossil fuels

The longer term struggles to protect and secure our environment, and ensure affordable energy for all, must focus on reclaiming the ownership of the world’s natural resources from private hands. It is here that the real battle for the environment must be waged. It is here that all our efforts must be directed.

Only when these resources are brought under public control and developed by a socialist economy will fuel poverty and a ravaged environment be a thing of the past. There are no compromises, there are no alternatives.

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