Fair employment and integrated education

Segregated education has never been justified. It is not justified now. Neither is underpinning a segregated education system by exempting the recruitment of teachers from fair employment practices. 

Yet that is what has been happening since at least the mid-1970s and continues to receive support today, primarily from the main churches

Every teacher has a right to expect, and receive, equality of opportunity and should be free to apply for a post in any school of their choosing. Their perceived community background, political opinions or religious beliefs must not be a consideration.

The removal of the teachers’ exception clause from fair employment legislation would be a significant step forward in the development of integrated education.

However, it is clear that the political and religious vested interests which keep children separated and contribute to the perpetuation of division in this society will not yield that power voluntarily.

It must be the task of all progressive forces, teachers, parents, educationalists and of everyone who understands the necessity for a fully integrated secular education system to focus their efforts on that end.

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