Support Cuban medics against Biden

Cuba’s medical and scientific community has launched an open petition demanding that US President Joe Biden retract his remarks about Cuba and their handling of the  Covid pandemic, and that he also ends the economic blockade against the island which is directly effecting the development and availability of a range of medical materials and scientific equipment.

Biden has openly claimed that Cuba is incapable of vaccinating its population, that it needs American vaccines to stem the spread of Covid 19 and that it is a failed state.

The remarks are a deliberate attempt to undermine Cuba’s world standing, pander to the Cuban exile lobby in Florida and further ramp up the aggression against the Cuban people which he and his administration have been demonstrating since his election.

Bidens claims are, of course, completely unfounded.

Not only does Cuba have a comprehensive, publicly funded health and care system freely available to all its citizens but many have claimed it to be one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Cuba’s scientific and research community also has an internationally renowned reputation for its vaccine development, its immunisation achievements, its commitment to international health aid and for the development of its own anti-Covid vaccines.

Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic more than 2,000 Cuban doctors and other health care staff have travelled to countries across the world to help combat the diseaseba

You can show your support for Cuba, and its medics scientists, researchers and health care staff by signing the petition to President Joe Biden


Read how Cuba developed its health services to become a major contributor to global disease control and a successful exporter of medical products.

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