You MUST register to vote

The electoral register is being updated and everyone over 18 (or who will be 17 by 30 November) needs to register to make sure that they can vote at future elections.

It doesn’t matter if you are currently on the electoral register – you still need to re-register to secure your vote.

More important than ever 

Voting is always important but never more so than now. At the last Assembly elections more than 80% of people voted for parties that traded on sectarian tensions to win seats, they voted for parties that failed to develop the local economy to the advantage of ordinary working people, that didn’t robustly oppose welfare reform measures, that didn’t implement  integrated education, that didn’t provide universal and accessible childcare, that didn’t tackle child poverty or educational under achievement.

More than 80% of people here voted for parties that continuously divert attention away from the harsh economic and social realities of life by substituting those issue for diversionary arguments about flags, culture and identity.

All the more reason that it’s important that everyone who believes in a better socialist future is registered and votes for that at future elections.

Important things to know and do:

  • Voter registration – or the Canvass as it is also known – is open from the start of July
  • You must register to have a vote at future elections
  • You can register on line at
  • You will need to provide:
    • Your National Insurance Number
    • Your Full Name
    • Your Date of Birth, and
    • Your Current Address
  • Hard copy forms will be posted to all voters over 75 and can be down loaded also from the Electoral Office website or by calling the Electoral Office Helpline on 028 9044 6680

You Must Register : You will lose your vote if you don’t

Further information is available from

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